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Month: December, 2012

2012 in books

I’m bad at year-end lists because I can never remember what happened when. I’d be a terrible witness at a crime scene. But a few books, or reading experiences, stand out for one reason or another. Here’s a brief what, where, when, how and sometimes why.

Aliens & Anorexia by Chris Kraus. I was reading this on the patio of a sports bar near my house. They make great coffee, this sports bar, and if there’s not a soccer game on tv it’s a nice place to read. A man sitting near me checked out the title.
“Aliens and anorexia.”
Then he checked me out. “But you’re not anorexic.”
“Well, it’s fiction, it’s not a how-to guide.”
He nodded.

I also read Kraus’s I Love Dick, which I wrote about here.
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Preposterous and Indispensable

from All Our Changes, photos of Winnipeg in the 60s, by Gerry Kopelow

from All Our Changes, photos of Winnipeg in the 60s, by Gerry Kopelow

I am pleased to be considered a Weird Canadian, which I guess is what it means when Weird Canada reviews something of yours:

Change and perseverance. Preposterous and indispensable. Anna Leventhal’s “Moving Day & Other Stories,” a specular collection from the ordinary out-of-the-ordinary, the familiar fantastic, might well have been titled The Montreal Trilogy.

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