The moving vans are the first sound you hear

Introducting: Moving Day, the audio book! Participate, celebrate, curse the annual festival of permanent impermanence, immaterial materiality, and really heavy ephemera. Stream or download and listen linearly, modularly, concurrently, simultaneously, or put it on shuffle for a postmodern narrative experience!

Moving Day! Have civic crisis and half civic holiday. A festival of exhaust, sweat, lifting, garbage, boxes, masking tape, primer, longing and anticipation.

This audio experiment features music from five amazing and generous bands who let me use their music. Listen to and buy their albums:

Echo Beach
Hand Cream
And audio from the video Super Manif de casseroles dans villeray
All other audio recorded/created by me.

Cover image by NOMNRYN

If you love this story, why not check out the book it came from?

Enjoy, and don’t lift with your back. Lift with your arms, ding-dong.