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I was looking through my 2002 journal and noticed a few things.

– I have basically the same concerns
– My drawing hasn’t changed
– I look pretty much the same


Happy anniversary of patriarchy! LULZ

This is for my friend Caitlin.

I know this is supposed to be about writing, but just wanted to let you know that apparently I was already a comic genius when I was eight.

who eats who

More on drawing

Lynda Barry’s really into the weird thing that happens between your brain and your hand, whether you’re writing or drawing. I used to write all my first drafts by hand and then type them up. I don’t do it anymore, because I feel like my laptop is the most transparent means I have to write with – I notice I’m writing the least when I use it. I know someone who writes on an electric typewriter because with it, forward is the only direction she can go. I like that idea, but I know that if I wrote on a typewriter I would get so captivated by how cute and precious and writerly I was that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. When I was a teenager I wrote on my parents’ very old Underwood, and I’m pretty sure nothing decent got written, though there are many pictures that document the occasions.

Anyway, drawing is a really good thing to do when you can’t write for a bit but you don’t want to leave your desk and you don’t want to go on the internet. Barry suggests drawing a spiral to keep your hand moving. That’s the important thing, keep your hand moving. I tried using that method when I was doing creative writing workshops with angry teenage girls, and they would draw a spiral as fast as possible and then be like “Done. Here’s your spiral, okay.”

More drawing

For Montreal

Trying to get back into drawing, so as to not forget about hand-eye coordination entirely… Here’s my first effort.