Moving Day & Other Stories

by anna

Moving Day & Other Stories

I’m proud to have three of my short stories published in a booklet by Paper Pusher micropress.  This guy loves paper and ink like you love Jay-Z and bonbons.  It’s a handsome little risograph print with my stories Moving Day, Last Man Standing, and Sweet Affliction.  Here’s the publisher’s description:

With incisive humour and caustic sympathy, in three short stories, Anna Leventhal gives us characters that live in a world strolling a few steps beside our own. Exploring class, ownership, and civic duty, Moving Day captures the totalitarian exercise of a mandatory, city-wide move and the effect of its bureaucratic mishaps. The shiftless narrator of Last Man Standing has his social bubble threatened by a dubious emergency, while a diagnosis in Sweet Affliction suggests a new stage in human evolution.

You can get it sent to your actual physical mailbox by a nice person in a hot uniform here.